Feet and sleep. #100happydays

With a heavier heart than I ever imagined, I must share with you that our dearest Tennyson, aka Monster Cat, aka Mr. Paw, aka Monsieur Chat, aka Mr. Sir, aka The Gray one, etc., has passed away. Last Monday, his health began to decline rapidly and on Wednesday he left us. Our hearts are broken. He had a wonderful life and was spoiled rotten until the very end. I think he actually enjoyed having a toddler – Winter would give him ALLLLL the treats in the bag, not just a small handful.

We miss him desperately. I miss him desperately. I keep expecting to see him, or, worse, seeing something out of the corner of my eye and I’m assuming for a split second it’s him. Mornings are the worst because he’s not here to say good morning to. And now, I cry forever.
You are far cuter than my laptop, Sir.
Tenny was the greatest cat. I started working from home in 2006, he became my office mate. Actually, that’s putting it mildly… he became my deskmate, my conference call buddy and constant companion. He was very good at keeping me from stressing too much by providing catnip diversions. When I’d travel for work, I’d come home to him sitting at the top of the stairs giving me a look like, “Oh, you decided to come back to me, did you? We’ll see about that.” He’d give me the cold-shoulder for a couple hours and then demand all the attention he missed while I was gone.


He played fetch.

He loved his Cat Containment System (cat bed), especially when it was on my desk.

His constant companions, the Mini Cats, are doing ok. Abby and Tasha bonded with Tenny when they were kittens. They haven’t really had much use for us thumb-monkeys, perhaps until now. Just this evening, Abby meowed, flopped on the floor, and demanded (then allowed!) that I rub her tummy. Tasha has been more vocal than ever and her usual attention-getting routines have elongated.

Everyone has been incredibly supportive. I’m very glad I got to share Tenny with so many people because it has eased his passing a tiny bit to know that his awesomeness did not go unnoticed in this world. I don’t know what will become of the comic strip. It was on hiatus for Spring and Summer due to a combination of work and life chaos. On one hand, I’ve missed doing the strip. On the other, I can’t imagine doing it without him.

And now my pj shirt is so wet from bawling through writing this that I’m going to have to change before bed.

Good night dearest Tennyson, I love you.

The mini-cats are 6 today! Happy birthday, Abby and Tasha! They look excited, right? #caturday #100happydaysThe Mini-Cats are 6 years old today!

They look thrilled, right?

They’re enjoying the extended sabbatical from the intense pace of co-starring in Monster Cat’s comic strip by napping all the time. Except Abby, who is still disappearing mysteriously…

For those wondering, Monster Cat will be back in the Fall at the latest. This past Winter and Spring kicked my butt with work and various colds and such. I have many things to start up again… side projects, C25K, sleeping, and focusing. (The power/internet outage after the big storm almost 2 weeks ago was great in that it reminded me that if I focus on fewer things at a time, which is a bit of necessity when you’re working off 2 iPads on cell data, I do better work that I’m happier with.)

Mr. Paw is also enjoying his sabbatical. He’s doing well with his thyroid treatment, spending quality time being a pillow for everyone under 4 feet tall, and dedicating a lot of time to learning new things (like cartography, which was probably only an interest because he misread it as “CATography” first). He regularly putters with hovercat technology. He reports that he’s getting close to a breakthrough!

This cough has not been kind to me so I’ve not been as faithfully creating comics as I’d prefer. I’m hoping to get back in the swing next week.


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